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Lunch & Dinner Menu


Lunch served Wednesday - Sunday from 12 pm

Dinner served Friday and Saturday from 5pm & pre-concert evenings as advertised

Booking is advised, please call 01330 826530 to reserve your table

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Vegan rissotto and sharing board buchanan bistro restaurant in Banchory
Chanterelle and feta bruschetta with our

Food menus


Smooth soup of the day £5.50

Chunky soup of the day £9.50

Salad combo – grains veggies and pulses £9.50

Classic Caesar salad – Balmekewan lettuce, sourdough croutons, parmesan shavings and anchovy Caesar dressing £9

add chicken £2


Super green salad – garden peas, apple, cucumber, spinach, mint and ginger dressing £9


Smoked mackerel salad – Balmekewan mixed salad leaves, smoked mackerel, horseradish dressing, Katy’s egg £10

Tacos - Pulled pork or smoked tofu - refried beans, smoky mayo, pink pickled onions served with bistro salads £13

Toasted open sourdough Sarny with bistro salads 

  • Crushed chickpea, sunflower and spring onion salad £12

  • Pastrami, gherkin, roast onion, mustard mayo & Gouda £13

  • Thai chicken, pickled cucumber, spring onion, coriander, and chili mayo £13


Twice baked cheese soufflé with bistro salads £14


Pasta – orzo, roasted veg, chili oil and feta cheese £14

Pulled harissa lamb, curried sweet potato and mint yogurt on bistro flatbread £19

Sharing boards (served all day)

Meze board – a selection of dips, olives, pickles and breads  £12


Coastal board – a selection of pickled and smoked fish, fish pate, katy’s egg, cornichon mayo and breads £22


Deli board – a selection of meats and cheeses with olives, pickles, chutney and crackers £22

dinner menu


Marinated olives £3.50

Chili spiced roasted nuts £3.50

Bistro sourdough with garlic aioli £4

Parmesan and green garlic sourdough toast £5



Small Plates

Kimchi pancake, dressed spinach, chilli dipping sauce £9

Smoked mackerel pate, bistro cucumber, crostini £9

Twice baked parmesan cheese souffle, bistro slaw £9

Honey sesame sausages £8 

Pork belly, fennel, apple £8

Burnt aubergine pickle, garlic yoghurt, daily breads £7

Tofu sambal, glazed cashews £7

Asparagus cacio e pepe £7



Big Plates

Pulled harissa lamb, curried sweet potato and mint yogurt on bistro flatbread £19

Okonomiyaki with tangy drizzle and shredded greens £14

Roast chicken leg, porcini pot barley, charred asparagus, caper and lemon sauce £19



Daily Desserts 


Macaroni and cheese £4


Sausages, mash and veg£5


Kids board – veg sticks, hummus, fruit and yogurt £5


£14.00 sit in, £13.50 takeaway


Pepperoni – Tomato base, mozzarella, pepperoni and honey chili drizzle.


Goat – tomato base, mozzarella, goats cheese, slow cooked onions, walnuts and rocket.


Veggie – tomato base, mozzarella (or vegan mozzarella), butternut squash, sweet corn, mushrooms and red onion.


Buffalo chicken – Franks buffalo hot sauce, mozzarella, chicken, blue cheese sauce and spring onion.


Pulled pork – tomato base, mozzarella, pulled pork, sweet corn and pink pickled onions.



*Many of our dishes can be adapted to be gluten free and/or vegan


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