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Lunch Menu


Wednesday - Sunday from 12 pm 

Booking is advised, please call to reserve your table

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Vegan rissotto and sharing board buchanan bistro restaurant in Banchory
Chanterelle and feta bruschetta with our

Lunch menu

Smooth vegetable soup of the day £5.50


Big soup – chunky soup of the day £9.50


Crunch munch dip – spiced nut, olives, hummus £10


Cheese Board – Comte and Mull cheddar, bistro relish and bistro kraut £11


Macaroni and cheese with bistro salads     £14


Special macaroni – chili and chorizo macaroni cheese with bistro salads £14


West African spiced peanut and sweet potato hotpot with bistro salads £14


Casserole of Aberdeenshire beef in black beer with mashed potatoes and vegetables £16


Chili pesto and parmesan risotto with a poached egg and bistro salads £14


Twice baked parmesan souffle with bistro salads  £14


Loaded sourdough – tomato paste, mushroom, pork shred and mozzarella  £11




Almond and lemon tart




Dark chocolate mousse


Meringues with apple and blackcurrant compote



We have an extensive range of cakes and bakes that can be made into desserts. Choose a slice and we will add ice cream and fresh fruit


Bistro to go customers - please call to order

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