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Sunday Breakfast in Banchory

This sitting-in menu is no longer available.

Please take a look at our delicious lunch menu to sit in our Banchory restaurant.

Vegan granola with dairy free yoghurt in breakfast restaurant in Banchory
Scrambled eggs on sourdough toast in bre
Organic Overnight oats with fruit in breakfast restaurant in banchory

Sunday Breakfast Menu

VEGAN, Gluten or dairy-free breakfast Options Available in our breakfast cafe in banchory

Granola or bistro muesli with fruit and yoghurt


Scrambled eggs with toasted sourdough 


(with smoked salmon £9.50)

Marinated tempeh "soldiers" with satay dipping sauce


Feta and kimchi on toasted sourdough 


Pot beans cooked in beer with toasted sourdough


(with a sausage £10)

Slow-cooked, shredded pork with a poached egg and 

bistro harissa dressing


Our breakfast menu is served on Sunday mornings from 9.30 am - 11 am and must be pre-booked. Please tell us if you have any dietary requirements and we can tailor our breakfast menu to be vegan, gluten or dairy-free.

Blue Breakfast teapot in our breakfast restaurant in banchory

More yummy food on our lunch menu

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