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HandCrafted Cakes

& coffee

Our coffee tastes so much better with a slice of homemade cake


Fresh, tasty & Ethical

Here at Buchanan Bisto, we are obsessed with ensuring that our coffee is the freshest and tastiest coffee in Banchory.


However not at the expense of the farmer or the planet. This is why we choose to use triple certified coffee beans from Mathew Algie. Their coffee beans are approved by the Fairtrade Foundation, Rainforest Alliance and Organic Food Federation making them the most sustainable coffee beans around.


But it's not just the beans that make our coffee taste so good. Every barista at the Bistro is carefully trained so that each mocha, flat white and turmeric latte is served just the way you like it every. single. time.


VEGAN, Gluten or dairy free

We are a restless kitchen that never stops whisking, icing, tempering and baking. All of our cakes are handcrafted at the bistro and can be ordered to sit-in or takeaway. 


Don't worry, all of our takeaway boxes and cutlery are fully compostable. Read more about how we care for the planet here.


From vegan beetroot chocolate cake to dairy and gluten-free coconut cake we make sure that everyone can enjoy a slice. 

You can even order a celebration cake online for your party!

buchanan bistro coffee and cake

Loose leaf infusions and herbal teas

Whether it's tea for 1 or tea for 2, we have the loose leaves that are right for you. From a warming Russian caravan to an aromatic oolong, we welcome you to relax in our cafe and restaurant in Banchory.  Sip away the stress from your day. 

Buchanan Bistro Teapot loose leaf tea

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Tea Menu

Loose-leaf infusions £2.90/person

whole leaf Suki and Pekoe teas


Belfast Brew

Fairtrade, African and Indian single estates


a jade cup with a naturally sweet and aromatic flavour

Earl Grey Blue Flower

 black leaf tea, natural bergamot oil, vibrant blue cornflowers, Fairtrade & organic

Jasmine Dragon Pearl

hand-rolled super-premium green tea leaves – stunning

White Tea

pure and health-enhancing, crisp and clean

Lapsang Souchong

smoky campfire black tea

Russian Caravan

a warming blend of lapsang and oolong

Darjeeling 1st Flush Rohini Ftgfop1

 the champagne of black teas


caffeine-free and full of antioxidants -organic

Yunnan Green Tea

highly aromatic and refreshing

Assam Dikkom 1st Flush

strong and muscular

Yunnan Golden Tips

 one of the finest black teas from China

Black Chai

spices of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger & cloves blended with a special Assam black


black china tea

Green tea Ginseng

with ginger root and pineapple pieces

Coffee Menu

add syrup or choose a milk alternative

Single Espresso 




Double espresso


Flat white








Hot chocolate


White hot chocolate




Iced latte



alternate Latte Menu

Immune Boosting-No caffeine!

Matcha Latte

green tea powder and frothed milk, antioxidant magic 


Beetroot latte

Sublime with coconut milk!   


Turmeric Latte 

Bistro created spice mix with honey and your choice of frothed milk


Chai Latte

Mumbai Railway Chai and frothed milk


Celebrating a birthday?

Let us do the baking

All of our Bistro cakes and desserts can be preordered for any special event. Whether you need to make a vegan dessert for your dinner party or are looking for a special celebration cake, we can do the baking for you. Just one less thing for you to worry about. 


Just message us with your favourite cake and we can start weighing out the flour.

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