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our Kitchen Story

We bake, We brew, We knead, We pickle, We prove, We cook


We love Honest Thoughtful Food

honest thoughtful food

We believe if you take a table,

surround it with honest suppliers,

tend it with careful cooks,

fill it with good company

and respect the network that links us all to the soil


-you have the essence of good food.

organic ingredients banchory
morning fresh sourdough banchory
Homemade sourdough bread banchory
Organic vegetables banchory
Play Buchanan Bistro's Kitchen Story

Play Buchanan Bistro's Kitchen Story

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The story behind our beans

Buchanan Bistro Logo banchory

Designed by

Ailsa Watson

To our customers, Buchanan Bistro is more than just a restaurant. To some we are a home away from home. For others we are a relaxing escapism to think and unwind. People make friends here, write stories here, choose healthier here and even find adventure here.


We wanted a logo that told this story. A logo that was as colourful as our plates; as bold as our recipes and as bright as our team. 


We knew this was not an easy challenge to accept but little did we know that the answer would lie within in our very own bistro family.


You may remember Ailsa working at the Bistro with her curly red hair and happy big smile. But what you maybe didn’t know about Ailsa, was when she wasn’t behind our coffee machine, she was busy in her art studio designing, painting and illustrating.


Ailsa’s style matched what we stood for. With her work being inspired by the organic beauty of local landscapes, her love of natural watercolour washes and pairing that with her endearing free-spirited nature – Ailsa gifted us the perfect ingredients to bring our essence to life.


So the Buchanan Bistro Beans were born along with all of our little illustrations that help make-up the Bistro story! We love our new logo and hope that you love it too.


Ailsa has since flown the Bistro nest but she continues to spread her creativity through her own design website which can be found here. Take a look at what she has been up to and don’t forget to look out for her little drawings throughout our new site.

home grown vegetables banchory
Buchanan bistro kitchen story
buchanan bistro food story

Read more about us and how we stay green

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