Brunch menu

Having a lazy morning or a late start? Our new brunch menu is available from 9 am until 11 am.

Bistro granola, organic yoghurt, fruit and Scottish honey
Egg dish of the day
from 6.50
Smoothie of the day
3.00  ( 3.50 for oat/soya milk)

Flexible menu

available from 12 noon

Our freshly baked bread is Calum’s slow fermented, organic, sourdough bread – healthy and good for you to enjoy with your meal

Big soup – a hearty bowlful
Regular Soups

Small plates – light bites to have alongside soups and boards or as a starter or a mixed selection

 Pot of today’s olives
Dipping board – EV Greek olive oil and balsamic, marinated olives, pistachio dukkah, salted maize and favas
Crunch and munch –  Gordal olives, feta and marinated semi dried tomato, Bistro spiced nuts, pepitas
Mezze combo – olive tapenade; beetroot borani; hummus
Mixed side salad combo of 5 of our Bistro salads
small 6.50 large 9.50

Flexible Plates – have one of our small plates as a starter or a large plate served with Bistro salads

  Leek, lemon and pecorino cheese risotto    S 7.25     L 11.00
Macaroni cheese    S 7.25   L 11.00
Spring vegetable and chickpea hotpot    S 7.25   L 11.00
Salad of peppered mackerel with Katy’s egg     S 7.25     L 11.00


Dariole of shredded organic beef brisket and red cabbage with mashed potatoes and vegetables
Curyr spiced fish mornay (salmon and cod) with mashed potatoes and vegetables
Twice baked parmesan soufflé with Bistro salads

Mixed side salad combo   6.50

Coastal board
our famous fishy selection
Smoked salmon, Bradan Rost salmon, smoked mussels, marinated anchovies, smoked salmon pate, Bistro cornichon mayo, pickled cod, haddock ceviche, seaweed salsa
10.75 single  19.75 for two to share

Udder board
Artisan and unpasteurised, please choose a selection of three cheeses (cow, sheep or goat)
Cairnsmore(g) Mull Cheddar(c) Comte(c) Barwheys  cheddar(c)  Manchego(s)  Auld Reekie(c)  Wigmore (s)  Waterloo (c) Hebridean (blue -c)   Dutch Old Gouda (c) Mahon (c)

 with Buchanans marinated Greek olives, Tim’s chutney and Val’s digestive biscuits
8.95 single  16.50 for two to share

Spanish board
a firm favourite
Selection of Spanish and Scottish salami, Monte Enebro(g), Manchego (s) cheese, Gordal  olives, salted almonds, membrillo,  mojama, fish pate
10.75 single 19.75 for two to share

Child’s Board – cheese and biscuit, banana, apple and orange wedges,
yoghurt, carrot and cucumber sticks 5.25

Kids soup 1.50

Pasta 4.00

 Small pot hummus and carrot sticks 3.00

 Small portion smoked salmon and cucumber sticks 4.00


Crafted here at the Bistro

Chocolate prune cake
Lemon bruleé


or choose from our cabinet of cakes and bakes, available with cream or ice cream.

Or try an Affogato – espresso with ice cream!

Liqueur coffees –  coffee with spirit of choice 7.50

Free froms – we can accommodate most dietary requirements.

We can also advise you on request if our dishes contain any of the 14 allergens